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Find Out If You Have A Case

It all begins with determining whether you have an actionable claim. This will take some getting to know you and the specific details surrounding your case, so we generally recommend starting with a free, no-obligation strategy session either over the phone or in our office. We will ask you to bring along some documentation to this meeting (such as copies of medical records and bills, police or incident reports, etc.), as this will help us make a more accurate determination of whether we believe there is a case.

Take on the Insurance Company

All too often, insurance companies want to make injury or accident victims feel as though they’re the bad guys. They may do this by claiming that you caused your own injuries, that you had a pre-existing injury or condition (this tactic occurs a lot with older individuals) or they may even make you a “low-ball” settlement offer early in the process in the hopes that you’ll accept it and go away. These insurance companies have their own legal teams who will work tirelessly to prevent you from collecting the compensation you really deserve. This is why you need an even more powerful legal team, such as our Steve and our lawyers here at the National Injured Senior Law Center, to represent you and protect your rights/best interests.

Assist You Through the Complex Legal Process

The process of pursuing any injury claim and carrying out a case against the defendant and insurance company can be very long, drawn out, and complex. In fact, it is not uncommon for these cases to drag on for several years before a resolution is reached.

Our legal team is committed to resolving your case for a fair amount if possible and in the shortest period of time possible. Furthermore, if we are unable to settle your claim, we are committed to conducting a thorough and detailed analysis of your claim to determine if we believe it is appropriate to file a lawsuit. Because of our decades of experience, we’re familiar with the legal process involved in an injury case—and we know how to handle each step of the legal process with your best interests at heart.

Answer Questions You Have Along the Way

Throughout your injury case, you’re bound to have lots of questions and concerns. When you work with our experienced legal team, you’ll never be more than a phone call, text, or e-mail away from having your questions answered. And the better informed you are about the legal process surrounding your case, the more confident you can feel moving forward.

Taking a stand against the insurance company and their legal team can be intimidating, but with lawyers from the National Injured Senior Law Center on your side, it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to find out more about our firm or to schedule your risk free case assessment.

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