Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe During The Pandemic

Covid is a respiratory viral infection, so it is spread via respiratory droplets in close contact – less than six feet for longer than fifteen minutes. It can happen when congregating in settings where you have people in close contact for more extended periods of time. Nursing homes are not the on [...]

The Benefits Of Caregiving

Did you know that 34 million Americans provided unpaid care to adults fifty and older last year? You may have provided caregiving services without even realizing it. Most adults will typically care for their parent or parent-in-law, spouse, grandparent, adult child, friend, or neighbor. Typically, a [...]

Becoming A Dementia-Friendly Society

Life can be better for patients with Alzheimer’s. First of all, we are in an exciting time because our culture is finally realizing that Alzheimer’s is not a medical issue; it’s a cultural issue. Five years ago, there was a real movement in the United Kingdom to change society&rsqu [...]

Firefighters and The Danger of Asbestos-Related Mesothelioma

The Dangers of Asbestos  The dangers of asbestos haven't always been well known. Often, when firefighters and first responders emerge from a disaster scene, asbestos is still on their uniforms and equipment. The firefighters and first responders were not decontaminating their equipmen [...]

The Link Between Physical and Mental Health

Teaching Seniors How To Fight Depression: Plus 5 Healthy Ways To Cope With Depression And Other Life Stressors There are days that we are affected by life stressors. Encountering uncertainty and setbacks over time can make life challenging. This article will explore physical and mental hea [...]